10 Effective ways to unwind after Work

10 Effective ways to unwind after Work

What everyone needs after a long, strenuous day is to relax and unwind. However, many people have a problem doing that and are out to find the perfect way to relax.

In your efforts to unwind, you might be faced with many challenges in the name of what needs to be done before you relax; be it house chores, looking after the children or maybe you have an incomplete project that is due the following day so you might burn the midnight candle. By so doing, you get to tire yourself out more which is detrimental to both mind and body and in the long run can be harmful to your health all in all.

What needs to be done, then? You may wonder. Well, here are the ten most effective things you can do to get the perfect personal time after a long day.

Put some Leisure time in your Schedule

Ensure that you have some time to yourself in your schedule. It does not necessarily have to be alone, but you can invest in relaxation activities. It can be anything from play or exercise to a few minutes set aside for doing absolutely nothing. Aim at 3-5 leisure activities a week which you can easily work into your calendar.

Switch off for a while

Unwinding can prove difficult if your head is still back at work. First things first, switch off your work phone as soon as you exit the office. Try as much as possible not to bring work home. After putting much work at work, the least you deserve is some quality time with your family.

Get in the Shower

To get yourself out of the work mood, you need a shower to wash off the tension and leave you calm and fresh as well. A hot shower to ease off the muscles followed by a touch of cold water to re-energize you should get you back on your feet. It is better if you have a bathtub to take a warm soak in some Epsom salts under candlelight. However, do not forget to moisturize after that.

Get some exercise

Fact-Working out after work day triggers the body to release endorphins. Also, working out on a regular basis goes a long way in ensuring that you are energetic and feeling happy. Exercising in a group gives it a social touch hence leaves you happier, but a personal workout with music that you love should do you just fine.

Go out to the great outdoors

After being cooped up all day inside the office, you need to get out of the house to unwind. If the weather is good, take a stroll outside. A simple walk and some fresh air will surely take your mind off work.

Listen to some music

Nothing gets to the heart more than music does; music can change your mood greatly. What you need is calming music so keep off the loud banging music as they might cause a headache instead of setting you down. Put on some slow music, close your eyes and relax away.

Read a book

The perfect way of escaping the hustle and bustle of your work day might just be going into another one, and what better way than reading a book? So get your read on. Get a book with a powerful character or catch an episode of some TV series that you love.

Spend some time with friends

As much as there is no better way to unwind than spending quality time with yourself, sometimes it is just as rewarding to spend time with others. Shifting your focus from yourself can help you forget the stresses of your day and help you unwind in the long run. So make sure you spend some time with your friends and loved ones.


I don’t mean the lotus flower pose, and the relaxing chants, no. That helps, for sure, but you don’t have to do that necessarily. There are more ways to channel energy from stress to more positive energy. Be it a comfy chair or a heated eye mask, pick your fix. A good free podcast can also help with meditation.

Get some good night’s sleep

The best way to get you back on your feet after a long day is getting some good night’s sleep. For some, it might be quite the task. So to get the much needed sleep, make sure that you bedroom is distraction free, there is minimum light and it is quiet. Keep your phone away from your bed as it may tempt you to look at it from time to time. Bed time should just be bed time.

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